Knowledge is Power

Giving you access to the same information that we're working with allows us to stay on the same page and approach issues from the same viewpoint. That's why we provide real-time financial reporting for the property owner... so that you know what we know. And, our tenants have the ability to pay rent, request maintenance service, and track the progress of that request on a 24/7 basis via the web.



Face-to-Face Communication is Best

If you're tired of dealing with property managers solely by phone, we completely understand. While we're always a quick phone call away, we prefer to interact with our tenants and owners in person whenever possible. Often, the only way to really know about what's going on is to be there in person. The more that we can get out and talk to people, and see with our own eyes, the better off we are.



Technology is Our Ally

It allows us to provide service far more efficiently than our competitors. All accounting and management is provided via secure web-based servers, allowing us to gain access to information anywhere, and at any time. Rather than host our own servers/software, we let the technology experts take care of it, allowing us to spend more time with our customers, and be more responsive.



Security Threats are Everywhere

Although it's physically impossible, we do our best to maintain a paperless office. We don't like the idea of having personal information of tenants or owners on-site, and we aren't willing to take risks with your information. Fire, Theft, Earthquake... all are very real possibilities. We maintain only essential documents in our office; everything else is scanned and stored on an off-site server in a secure facility, with redundancy and back-up power supply. And, we never store personal information on laptops or other mobile devices due to risk of theft.



Asset/Income Protection is the Core of What We Do

We protect your assets. We understand deeply that most property owners rely heavily on maintained value and the income that results from the assets that they've entrusted to us. We do everything possible to reduce operating costs, and increase net income, but... we don't like to cut corners. We work only with licensed, insured contractors because saving a dollar here can end up costing you a great deal more in the end. We frequently review your insurance policy to reduce liability, and to make sure that you're getting the best rates. And, we constantly inspect your facilities to look for potential problems and recommend preventative maintenance that may be required.





"We're looking out for you, because that's our job."

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